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Meriposa Flats Residence

The Mariposa Flat model unit optimizes an open floor plan to capitalize on city views. The high end finishes include quartz countertops, wood plank flooring, and stainless steel appliances. 

The layout is divided into various zones that provide multipurpose functions; the dining bar doubles as a desk and the living room doubles as a bedroom with a murphy bed. Patterns, colors, textures, and playful geometry speak to the ideal candidate for the city, studio apartment.

Brighton Marine Residence

As a retired marine apartment complex, predominately positioned to men or small families, the model unit provides furniture and finishes with a masculine, soft vibe. The palette retains neutral colors: brown flooring, white kitchen cabinets, dark gray bathroom cabinets, and a light gray wall paint to soften the room, while still reflecting natural light.

The furniture supports the neutral finish palette by incorporating natural wood in places such as the coffee table, picture frames, and kitchen island. The blue velvet, buttoned sofa, winged headboard, locally supported artwork, and burnt orange accept pillows, add a pop of color and luxury.

Avalon Old Bridge Residence

The NYC suburb of Avalon Apartment Complex was geared towards higher-end residence. The concept was to design a modern, polished space, that provided a relaxed environment, which opposed the busy, the city life where most residence commuted to daily. 


High end finishes such as stainless steel appliances, touchless faucets, luxury hardwood flooring, and quartz countertops were paired with modern, high end furniture. A simple, sophisticated palette utilizing natural earth tones embraced elegance and relaxation. 

JLS Residence

​The concept to the JLS Apartments is humanity as it applies to humanized nature; the relationship between essence and existence. The apartments aim to relax and calm rather than stimulate. Nature has been proven to act as a distraction from everyday life. By integrating natural resources and organic materials such as birch trees, families feel an escape from reality.

The JLS Apartments offers two different floor plans.  One is designed with two queen beds and minimal amenities. The other, which is double in size, offers a separate bedroom, living room, kitchen, and dining nook. The two suites have the option to merge for cases of longer stays or bigger families.

Hawaii Residence

The residential clients recently moved to the northeast side of Maui, Hawaii and wanted to build their own house. The budget for this project allotted a maximum of 4,500 square feet. The program called for an additional children’s wing with 2 bedrooms and one bathroom as well as a guest wing with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Following indigenous cultures that lacked modern techniques to heat and cool their homes, the design ideology exercised  passive methods of orientation dictated by solar paths and wind patterns. With today’s design focus on environmental building concepts, coupled with the aid of modern technology, sustainable design components were incorporated.

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