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Full Service Interior Design:

Studio 1010 can provide you with a full range of services for your commercial or residential project from design conception to full implementation. The initial consultation aids in gaining an understaingof the scope of the project. We will work with you during any and all phases of its creation.

Design Documents

Studio 1010 adheres to a client’s program and formulates preliminary space plans in two and three dimensional sketches. Considerations to public health, theories of human behavior, code, environmental and sustainable guidelines are integrated into the initial preliminary plans. Documents are then finalized as finished plans, elevations, sections, reflected ceiling plans, lighting plans, details and specifications of materials, finishes and furniture.

Computer Programs

In addition to hand drafting, software programs such as 3Ds Max, AutoCADD, Photoshop, and InDesign are available based on client needs and budget. 


Artistic Design Elements

While some designers take the stance of one design style, it has been Studio 1010's goal to never become a “rubber stamp”. Whatever the design challenge may be, it remains just that: an independent challenge. It is the job of designers to be problem solvers. Studio 1010 does not discriminate between project types of projects nor does it mass produce one type of design style.


In addition to problem solving, Studio 1010 believes in utilizing American-made products wherever applicable. The idea of utilizing local products boosts the American economy, creates internal job growth, and lowers traveling distances - saving time, gas, and money.


Designers see the future and create the skylines that populate cities. The emphasis on sustainability falls to our feet to enforce through our designs.  From protecting the atmosphere, bodies of water, and land use to proper disposal, energy efficiency and toxin management, designers have the innate ability to design and plan for change. Among other things, designers can maximize or minimize the sun’s energy, incorporate readily renewable materials, purchase local goods, design for reuse and recycling, improve indoor air quality, and reduce construction waste and rainwater runoff, in an effort to promote a stable climate, prevent global warming, and lower air pollution.


It should be every designer’s goal to do their part in creating a sustainable environment for the earth and its users.

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