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Dena Davis

I worked with Marie to spec out a short term rental project in South Austin. Marie gave me a complete design all the way down to appliances, paint colors, finish out, fixtures, etc. Plans included master bath redesign, flooring and kitchen upgrades. Her careful attention to detail is wonderful. Marie is a delight to work with. I would highly recommend Marie to anyone in need of design help.  


R. Bragg, President - Romualdi, Davidson & Associates

When we were in the process of designing our new office space, we wanted to introduce some color, rather than the same shades of neutral browns and off whites that are commonly seen in modern offices.  Marie selected a palette of various shades of blue from our corporate logo to use in selecting the finishes in the office.  This blue theme carried through the various floor and wall finishes throughout the office suite.  She also designed the kitchen area using complementary finishes.  We were very pleased with the end result and having enjoyed coming into work each morning.  Clients have complimented how well the finishes through the suite coordinate.  A job well done!


Aurelius Robleto

Studio 1010 is a stronghold of forward thinking, innovative design.


James Freed

Marie was a very diligent and hard working student who took her studies while attending the Academy of Art University very seriously. She was always prepared for our class meetings, and was eager to learn how to make her already good work even better. It was a pleasure to work with her in class. She is an outstanding new addition to the design profession.”


Jeremy Bitter

I studied with Marie in graduate school and have enjoyed her friendship in the industry ever since. Marie, an absolute perfectionist, gives her all to her designs. Her organizational skills and strong work ethic make her a highly valuable designer and team player.


Karina Kentsis

Marie was one of the most dedicated students I've ever had the pleasure of having class with. She was always engaged, devoted, and diligent about her work; and had a very thoughtful approach to her design. Not only did Marie excel as a designer, but she is also lovely and always maintained a positive attitude. 

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