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Avalon Old Bridge


AvalonBay Communities, Inc. sought to develop a new construction facility in Old Bridge, NJ. The project program requirements include 8 Townhomes, 6 Stacked Flats, a Clubhouse and Maintenance building. The Clubhouse accommodates the Leasing Facility, Packaging, Hoteling, Club Room, Offices, Fitness, and a Model Unit. The surrounding gardens include a pool and dog park.  Designed while at The Architectural Team, Inc.


Brighton Marine


Brighton Marine partnered with Winn Development to build the country's largest veteran's mixed income housing center since WWII in the Brighton neighborhood of Boston, MA. The facility consist of one 87,000 square foot, six story, new construction building, and the renovation and relocation of a second historic building. ​

In addition to housing, the facility includes a Leasing Office equipped with a Conference and Work Room, Mailroom, Club Room, Theater, Business Center, Fitness, 2 additional Meeting Rooms, and an Enclosed Porch. The site is conveniently located off the Green Line.  

Designed while at The Architectural Team, Inc.



Mariposa Flats

Located in heart of South Austin, with amazing views of the downtown skyline, the concept to Mariposa Flats is the symbolic mariposa butterfly. Using gold and white resin colored globes, an abstracted butterfly symbol welcomes guests in the main lobby. 

Amenities such as a fitness center, club/pool room, outdoor gaming area, and outdoor bar provide a relaxing, high-end complex for residents. 

Saks Fifth Avenue


The luxury department store Saks Fifth Avenue, has maintained a reputation that is synonymous with fashionable and gracious living for the past 120 years. The renowned unique specialty store offers the finest quality men's and women's fashions, as well as an extraordinary program of customer service. Saks Fifth Avenue has become the byword for taste and elegance. 

The addition of the Calgary, Canada retail venue acted as a template for re-imaging high class and sophistication within the brand. The neutral design palette bent for the hues of the merchandise to be emphasized. Simple interior design details, such as beveled mirrors, crystal chandeliers, and extravagant upholstery, furniture and fixtures, redefined ornateness.



Known today for its industrial, chic, loft neighborhood, the Boston Theater District once bordered the city's red-light area where strip clubs, prostitution, and crime flourished. Through the metamorphosis of the city's seedy Combat Zone, new, high-end establishments emerged.

Located in the heart of Boston's Theater District, District was inspired by the rich culture and atmosphere of its location. Hints of dangerous sensuality, such as bold leather statements and protruding nine inch nails, encompass the edgy feel formerly associated with the Theater District. Walls lined with Birch trees, ornate floral patterns and chandeliers softens the ambiance. The melding of the hard and soft design attributes, personifies the culture and pays homage to the history of the neighborhood, and Boston. 

Image Recovery, Retail


​The Image Recovery utilizes the theory of mind over matter. This space provides one-on-one attention with children and utilizes personal aesthetics as a tool to boosting confidence. 


The concept behind the Image Recovery is metamorphosis. This space utilized the journey of the butterfly as the driving force to the design. A butterfly begins its life as a caterpillar. During the metamorphosis stage, it hibernates in a cocoon until it is ready to reemerge.  When it finally reappears, it is transformed into a superior version of itself.  ​The display cabinets in the Image Recovery are abstracted forms of a caterpillar. The consultation rooms, cocoons.  Much like a cocoon, they are all uniquely different in color and form. Finally, the emerged superior versions of the caterpillar, the butterfly, are the children: uniquely beautiful in every way.


Children’s Wellness Center, Lobby


The lobby of the medical facility embraces of the concept of the ATOM. The atom is the basic unit of matter. They exist in the natural world as elliptical forms and are the compound that all things in existence are made up from. In this sense, they are a component to nature.  In another sense, they exist as man-made components.

Because Atoms exist in both the natural world and the man-made world, the Lobby embraced this concept to blur the lines between the facilities natural surroundings and the scientific studies behind the physical walls.​



Core Theater


​​The concept to this space budded from examining the nature of a child.  In seeking a non-gender specific object, the building block became the driving concept. The idea of building blocks is similar to that of stepping stones in theory. The objective is to set and reach a goal while using building blocks as the core foundations. The abstraction of blocks is evident in the rectangular forms found in the theater itself.  Individual blocks are stacked together to create an overall three dimensional form. The staggered flooring, furniture and ceiling clouds are cohesively stacked to obtain a three dimensional unity. The aesthetic of the space can differ with various furniture arrangements.

​Meridian Restaurant & Bar

The concept behind Meridian Restaurant and Bar is inspired by an aquatic ecosystems. Due to the waterfront location, the Restaurant is host to amazing views of the bay and observes daily shifts in sea levels or tides. A crucial component of an aquatic ecosystem is the 25 hour lunar cycle, which affects these shifts due to the gravitational forces of the moon. The imaginary line that connects the north and south poles is referred to as the earths’ longitudinal axis or, meridian. As the moon crosses these axises, the tides rise and fall.

Meridian Restaurant and Bar drew from the natural surroundings to inspire the design. The acrylic ceiling waves mimic the rolling tides. The restaurant zone embraces the ocean’s colors, utilizing blues and greens as the palette. The pacifying tones create a space where users can relax. Contrary, the bar embraces a more stimulating palette, to prolong the users stay. 

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